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OCHS is an ever-evolving art installation.  Its core components are Lashon Hara and L’Dor Vador.  While Nancy and I work with different materials, both narratives examine the same idea: the consequences of hate speech as it relates to both the physical and spiritual realm and its subsequent influence on humanity from generation to generation. Our first incarnation and collaboration was an exhibit in 2017 on Bowen Island, BC.  Our next incarnation of the exhibit will be in the winter of 2018 at the Manny Cantor Center in New York City and includes artwork from over 25 visual artists contributing their voices to the conversation. In 2019, the Peninsula JCC in Foster City Sponsored another incarnation of OCHS and in 2021, we launched the fourth incarnation of OCHS, which you can visit at: www.vectorartistinitiative.com.

The Components of OCHS:

Lashon Hara: 20 small mixed-media works on fabric detailing the effect of lashon hara on the physical and spiritual realm.

L’Dor Vador: 6 glass paintings and 6 works on paper emphasizing the importance of educating our children about hate speech and the individual’s responsibility for self-examination and improvement.

Vessels: 100 small vessels constructed from muslin which represent individual souls and ask: What’s in your container?

Nefesh: 5 flower bouquets made from wire and fabric depicting the five attributes of the Jewish soul.

Eruv: a small installation constructed from fabric which symbolizes “safe spaces”.

No Collusion: a handmade book examining lashon hara in today’s political climate.